There Was No VCR

So it’s finally happening. I knew it would eventually. Fuck, we all did. We all knew we couldn’t run from it, couldn’t stop it no matter how hard we tried. The signs were there, overtime you just see less and less of those old familiars. Fuck it, just live like Sinatra with the time you’ve got or at least swim down that river of denial. Even though I knew I couldn’t beat it and the day was fast approaching, when it finally happened, it took me by surprise. I walked into a Goodwill and there was no VCR. 

I wish I could tell you that I took it well. Wish I could tell you that I didn’t even bother double checking with a clerk , maybe there’s one in the back. While I waited I made my way over to the bookshelves. I never find anything good anymore but I gotta say hello to the usual Suspects. Titanic VHS set, Legally Blonde DVD , sealed WW2 documentaries , and season 3 of Seinfeld missing the fourth disc . The records , the books , and some CDs tossed around by poachers and curious kids who find it all so funny . The clerk returns and says there’s nothing back there and just like that I’ve traveled into the unknown. 

I eventually found some home media, Seinfeld was there. But the shelves were empty , what once took up four separate bookshelves made the WiiU section at GameStop look impressive . They’re gone Sir, got themselves killed by Netflix and they didn’t even know it . 

I guess it didn’t matter . The Pickens had been slim for a while . I never find those coveted Instagram worthy tapes anymore . No Sleepaway Camp, Hamburger The Motion Picture or those lovable  Cannon movies . Now it’s Independence Day , Varsity Blues, and endless 8 mile DVD’s in Hollywood Video Cases. I’ve heard tales of stacks of tapes sold practically for pennies and fields of NES games nestled between pop culture mountains  majesty. In some lands far away they call Virginia and Ohio. But not here not in New York , not in New Jersey or Connecticut. Today I walked into a Goodwill and there was no VCR, but we’ve still got those memories and you were all there with me, knee deep in all that blood and guts.