She’s A Rebel

Retro junkies throw your power gloves to the sky! I’m Mike Ranger and I wanna set the record straight, so hold on to your diaphragms and let’s talk about the poster child for 80s cinema, The Legend Of Billy Jean. Billy Jeans got style , she’s a rebel , a hero, the Joan of Arc of the 1980s. On July 19, 1985 the legend began when she rented a room in movie theaters across America and made teenagers across the country feel invincible. The story follows Billy Jean Davy (Helen Slater) and her brother Binx (Christian Slater) two teenagers from a Texas trailer park who only want what’s fair after a local shop owners son trashes Binx’s scooter. After local shop owner Mr. Pyatt played by veteran actor Mathew Robbins (More American Graffiti) tries to Harvey Weinstein Billy Jean and is accidentally shot by Binx. The two go on the run taking some friends for the ride and Billy Jean becomes a movement as well as a hero for those who can’t fight for themselves.The film is fun , packs a great soundtrack and some solid performances from the young cast . Helen Slater is believable as a young girl who can’t help being loved for her beauty and courage and of course that cool hair. The movie is as relevant as ever and I would highly recommend this film to any fan of 80s cinema. Mill Creek entertainment just released the film on Blu-ray with a special edition VHS inspired slip cover so you can go back to the days of the video store. This weekend grab a friend and pop in The Legend Of Billy Jean and don’t forget to share the popcorn, remember fair is fair.