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Jump in the time machine with us back to Feb 1985 & Feb 1990. Wax is back to judge this 80s & 90s throwdown!

On this week's installment of everybody's favorite adult retro game show, We have a wild week experience with Celebrity judge Wax!  The Mamalukes made up of Marc and the Mancrush duel with February 11th thu the 17th of 1990. They take on Mike...

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Time to flip the tables on the 1980s & 1990s. Which was the worst month – February 80 or 91?

We're always covering who had the better week, the better month, and the better year. But, every once in a while, it's fun to see who had it worse! In this battle, we're going to take a retro journey back to February 1980 and...

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It’s time for another 80s & 90s birthday battle – 1988 vs 1996! Did Mike get this one right?

It's another birthday battle on Dueling Decades! Marc travels on the time machine back to his 10th birthday in 1988 to compete with Mancrush's 18th birthday in 1996. This birthday bash delivers the nostalgia for both men, as Mancrush recounts getting...

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It’s Nostalgia Time for Andy & Joe as their Birthdays do battle! It’s 1985 vs 1992!

It's time for another episode of Dueling Decades! For this retro birthday throwdown, we went and found a familiar voice from the past to compete. For the first time in years, Andy Mocker joins us to battle show mainstay Joe Findlay to see who...

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The 20 Most Iconic Moments in Celeb Nudity with Mr. Skin! Lots of 1980s & 1990s moves on his list!

On this episode of Dueling Decades the legendary Mr. Skin calls into the show to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his iconic website and to unveil his list of The 20 Most Iconic Moments in Celeb Nudity!...

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It’s our Annual Retro Halloween Watchlist Special! Filled with some great 80s & 90s Retro Horror!

This week on Dueling Decades, Marc and The Mancrush take your suggestions and plan out your ultimate 80’s and 90’s Horror Watchlist to gear you up for the month of October! Thank You to all the loyal listeners and group members...

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