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April Fools! We flipped the script as the 1960s takes on the 1970s in a memorable March battle!

This week our program gets turned upside down as our competitors duel with flipped years!  Mancrush has his year flipped from March of 1997 to March of 1979 as he tries to take on the returning Brent Hand of The Hysteria 51 Podcast!  Brent...

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What year had a solid gold week? Was it March 1981 or March 1995? Find out in this back and forth battle!

On this all-new nostalgic episode of our show, the week experience returns. This time around It’s Marc James against the world as he duels with March 12th - 18th of 1995! His opponent this week is the returning Mike Ranger of the Video Rangers...

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There can be only one! Its March 86 vs March 92 in this 80s vs 90s battle and it comes right down to the wire!

There can only be one! We're back to our monthly tag team matchup already, and The Viral Sensations (Joe Findlay & Drew Zakmin) are stepping up to challenge The Mamalukes. For this matchup, The Mamalukes drew March of 1986, while The Viral...

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Looking for some adventure? Who had a more Adventurous year, 1982 or 1991?

So, its adventure that you're looking for? We got some adventure, all kinds! Action-adventure,  SciFi-Adventure, Thriller-Adventure, you name it, we got it! Bank robberies, trips to outer space, forgotten TV shows, blockbuster movies, and even...

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From free speech to The Fall Guy, it’s another fantastic February retro journey! 1987 vs 1998

Dueling Decades returns once again with the Week Experience! This time around we focus on February 22nd to the 28th! Mancrush tries to avenge a recent loss with the best picks of the week for February 1998. He takes on the best in the...

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It’s a blast from the past when 1984 takes on 1992 in a bodacious B-Action battle!

This week Dueling Decades returns with an all-new nostalgia-filled episode of everyone's favorite adult retro game show!  This time around Marc and The Mancrush go head to head in a B-Action battle as 1984 clashes with all the B-Action of...

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