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A night at the Hotel Coral Essex with Wormser and the best of 1978, 1983 & 1995!

If you’re like us, you adored Revenge of the Nerds growing up. Love it or hate it, there is no denying it was iconic 80s comedy! That being said, since we were all youngins when it came out in 1984, the only character that...

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Ajay Popoff of Lit judges this worst of battle between 76, 87 & 99 guaranteed to make you completely miserable

We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Vacation is over and it’s time to get back to the gameplay! This week, we wanted to make you “completely miserable”! That being said, we brought the worst of September to the table! To make things not so miserable, we also brought...

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Be prepared to lose your mind, it’s movies Jay has never seen.

Next week we return to our regularly scheduled programming. But first, we wanted to share this epic blast from the past with you! You’ll laugh (and maybe cry), as we explore the retro roots of Dueling Decades with you. With that said, we set...

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Another retro sit-down with the man who isn’t even supposed to be here today, Brian O’Halloran

Thanks for all the messages about last week’s retro throwback episode! There is nothing like reliving the past with a little fireside chat. We know you want some more Dueling Decades, but we’re still on vacation. Don’t worry though, we’re going back in time...

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It’s a Dueling Decades retro throwback with one of our favorite guests of all time, Daniel Baldwin!

As a lot of our loyal fans are aware, for a long time we used to have another show called Poop Culture. When we folded the show to go fulltime with Dueling Decades, we left behind a lot of really great interviews! Well, since...

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Judge Schultz is back with a vengeance in this tight duel between 1973, 1986 & 1996

Welcome back, our buddy David Schultz is back to judge this retro duel! The heart really does grow fonder when your close friends are not around, and it shows. The boys let loose for some retro hijinks in this seriously amusing “week experience”! Before...

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