It’s time for another 80s & 90s birthday battle – 1988 vs 1996! Did Mike get this one right?

It’s another birthday battle on Dueling Decades! Marc travels on the time machine back to his 10th birthday in 1988 to compete with Mancrush’s 18th birthday in 1996.

This birthday bash delivers the nostalgia for both men, as Mancrush recounts getting dumped by his girlfriend and taking his new date to the worst first date movie you could fathom, and Marc finds a Sega what?! Mike Ranger is back after a 4-month hiatus, and he’s ready to judge this retro encounter as fair as humanly possible. You guys asked for less sports, so Hot Products are back on the birthday battles! To make this change we added a little twist. The boys bring hot products that they WANTED for their respective birthdays. As long as they could find an ad for it on their birthday, it’s fair game! So listen in, judge for yourself, and let us know how you scored it! Is this a win for the 1980s or the 1990s?

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