Halloween 1980’s Horror Watch List! Week 1

Like many of our followers, Halloween is also our favorite time of the year! In spite of this, we decided to ask our Facebook group members what movies they wanted to see for Halloween. With 100s of suggestions to choose from, we picked our favorites!

Since I was fortunate enough to get the 1980s, there was NO WAY that I could fit all these great suggestions within the 31 day construct of October. Therefore, I made every night of October a double feature! Why not? Most horror movies are usually around an hour and change, so it’s really only three hours a night. If you’re like me, you spend that time watching mindless television anyways.

To make things flow, for each week I decided to take all the movies and divide them into some kind of horror sub-genre. So for week one, I figured we could start the month off slow. No point of getting right to the really dark stuff. So, lets kick things off with a week of “soft core” horror!

After I completed the first week, I realized that a lot of these movies had some sort of outer space theme. Let’s get started!


Let’s begin the month with two crazy classics!

Day 1 kicks off with some devilish alien rodents that are devouring their way through a small Midwestern town. Fret not, the intergalactic offerings don’t end there! Critters comes complete with bounty hunters from another planet, and Dee Wallace! Last time Dee had to deal with an alien, he was friendly. Not this time around! Available on demand if you have Starz or rent on Amazon or YouTube.

Cap Tuesday night off with this catastrophe from the cosmos. Emilio Estevez stars in this Stephen King inspired classic, which is derived from his short story – Trucks. When Earth passes the “Rea-M rogue comet”, all the machines on Earth come to life and they’re on a mission to destroy the human race. Aside from a couple shocking death scenes, the movie also has an amazing soundtrack by AC/DC! Available on demand if you have Starz for this one as well or rent on YouTube or Google Play.


Kicking off night two, we selected a movie that stars our friend Kelli Maroney! It’s the Jim Wynorski classic, Chopping Mall! We ended our first night with some deadly machines, so why not stay the course? Next time you watch one of those Boston Dynamics’ videos, I want you to remember Chopping Mall. This one is available for free on Amazon Prime.

Close out your Wednesday night with….more machines! Honestly, you can’t go wrong when you mix a little John Carpenter with a little Stephen King! Starring that weird dude from The Legend of Billie Jean, and he’s weird yet again. Keith Gordon plays Arnie, the guy that’s in love with his murderous 1958 Plymouth Fury he named Christine. Check out this cult classic! If you have a FuboTV membership, this is available for streaming or rent on Amazon or YouTube.


More extraterrestrial mutants are on their way! Yesterday, we mixed King and Carpenter and today we mix….Aliens and Clowns! Not just any clowns, klowns. Really cool cult classic that features some freakishly frightening killer klowns. Some look cute, some look fat, some look funny, and others look grotesque! Either way, it’s amazing what they did with a limited budget. This one is also free on Amazon Prime.

When it comes to remakes, I’m usually not that big a fan. Although, The Blob (1988) is an exception to that rule. I used to see this one on HBO all the time when I was a kid, but I honestly haven’t heard much about it in years. I rented it the other night, and it still holds up. Some of the FX are dated, but that’s to be expected. I wasn’t able to find this one for free anywhere, so I rented it through YouTube (also on Google Play for rent).


It’s Friday night! Let’s make this one a Tom Atkin’s double feature! First, we get to see Rusty Griswold battle some alien brain parasites! That’s right, more evil crap from the cosmos! This time, they turn their prey into zombies after they jam themselves into your mouth! This was available for rental on Amazon or YouTube.

Follow that one up with Season of the Witch. As I mentioned in our last episode of Dueling Decades, this movie should have never been called “Halloween III” or included into the Michael Myers series. If this movie had been released as “Season of the Witch”, there would be far less distaste attributed to this film. Happy, Happy, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween…..Happy, Happy, Halloween…..SILVER SHAMROCK. I hope that reads like the jingle in the movie, if it did – you’re welcome. This was included for streaming on HBO Now or rent on Amazon or YouTube.


It’s Saturday night, let’s add as many stories of terror as we can! To do so, we’ve included 5 such stories from this George Romero & Stephen King joint project. Old people returning from the grave, Stephen King getting infected by a dangerous meteor, an evil Leslie Nielsen, creatures and cockroaches! I owned this one, but it’s available to rent on Amazon or YouTube.

Follow that one up with a bizarre Cannon films release that will leave your skin crawling. Bill Moselsy doesn’t disappoint as Shock Top, and Dennis Hopper is also fantastic! If you’ve seen the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the totally strange vibe that Tobe Hooper delivers is something very unexpected. This one is also free to watch on Amazon Prime.


It’s Sunday, we need a good buffer between this week’s theme and next week’s theme. That said, Sundays will be “wildcard Sundays”! What better way to spin off our “soft core horror” week, because week 2 will start getting darker. Anyways, first up is – The Changeling! First rate horror, if you want psychological horror, this ghost tale is for you. This movie was available to stream through Shudder or rent it from VUDU.

Finish out the week with The Shining! Frightening and visually striking. More Stephen King, but this time he’s coupled with Stanley Kubrick. Jack Nicholson is amazing in this movie, definitely my favorite role of his. Here is another psychological mind fucker to get you transitioned into week 2! My copy of The Shining was on VHS, but you can rent it on VUDU.


Hope you’ve enjoyed week one! Stop by our Facebook group, and let us know what you thought!

In case you’d like to print one out, here is a cheat sheet of this week’s movies: