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If you were fortunate enough to grow up in the 1980’s and 90’s then you remember the sigh of relief when your movie opened with a Pegasus and Tri-Star Pictures. It was a seal of quality, you knew it wasn’t Oscar worthy but there was a 75% chance you wouldnt completly hate it. Tri-Star was the production company for popcorn movies and Who’s Harry Crumb? (1989) qualifies as one of them. Who’s Harry Crumb? Is a good movie, you can believe what you want, but don’t believe it here. Don’t get me wrong it’s not amazing but its underrated.
John Candy stars as Harry Crumb, a private eye from a long line of sleuths but he’s one Crumb that fell far from the table. When the daughter of a millionare gets kidnapped Harry is finally given a chance at a big time case. With great preformances by Annie Potts (Ghostbusters, Corvette Summer) Jeffery Jones (Ferris Buellers Day Off, Howard The Duck) and Barry Corbin (War Games, Critters 2).
It’s easy to call Harry Crumb a knock off of Fletch, but really is that such a bad thing? John Candy is let loose to play, hes silly, charasmatic and charming and the sublte one liners will have you pressing rewind. The films not The Great Outdoors, but its not Wagons East either. You might not love it like Uncle Buck, laugh at it like Plains Trains and Automobiles, rewatch it like Summer Rental and won’t leave you Delerious if your Armed and Dangerous and Nothing But Trouble. Who’s Harry Crumb? is a forgotten gem worth a million space bucks. So this weekend go out and rent the film Dueling Decades calls a knee slapping mixture of SCTV and detective noir.
Mill Creek has recently released a series of VHS inspired blurays, with Who’s Harry Crumb? among the early releases and fans of the films will surely enjoy the VHS slip covers but hardcore collectors may be disapointed with a lack of special features.

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