DuDe’s VHS Video Vault

Much like space and time, DuDe’s VHS tape library is vast and infinite. Way in the back behind the 237 copies of Titanic we found some tapes that looked great but they have not title or movie synopsis on them! We asked our fans and friends to give us a hand and help us figure out what the names of these movies should be and then tell us what they are all about! We love all the great responses we got on this one, here is just a few of our favorite. For all the posts and comments follow the link back to our facebook group and join in on the fun!

Stephen Guay – Embittered Veteran Police Officer John Balboa thinks he’s seen it all in his years on the Police Force. Then one day he gets a call that one of his many ex-wives was murdered in the Country’s toughest Female Prison. Faster than you can say Mrs. Doubtfire, or Bosom Buddies, he decides to go undercover & infiltrate the prison as the biggest, baddest, Butch Bitch they’ve ever seen. With the help of the Department’s make-up artists, played by Harvey Fierstein, he has prosthetics made, & learns to tuck & roll. He gets himself assigned to the prison, & in solitary confinement to help hide the fact that he’s a Dude. In the beginning, it’s all the normal cross-dressing trope fun & games, with Balboa hiding that he’s a guy in group showers & watching the other prisoners have sex. Everyone gets their Rock(y)s off. Then he discovers the Big Bad Warden, played by Brigitte Nielsen, & her Assistant Warden, Grace Jones, are running an illegal pay-per-view fighting ring out of the prison. These good girls gone bad need to be taken down. Balboa agrees to take them on in a PPV main event handicap match two-on-one to keep them playing along. However along the way, his paperwork gets “lost”, & they can’t get him out. Orange is the New Black & Blue as Balboa’s actually gonna have to fight his way out! Also starring: Karen Allen, as the resident prison crackhead, Kim Cattral as the “I was Framed” Prisoner Love interest who finds out early on Balboa is a guy, but thinks he’s cute, so she keeps his secrets. & plenty of other incarcerated Babes, It’s Caged Heat 69: The XXX Factor!!!

Gerardo Ruiz Serarols “60 Old Virgin” Sequel to “Stop or My Mom Will Shoot”. When she finds out her son doesn’t marry the lady captain, her mom sets him up on some weird charges and has him sent to prison. However this is no regular prison. In this prison they keep him cuffed 24/7 and kinky, beautiful prison guards perform all kinds of sexual acts on him because his mother thought her son is gay or something else is seriously wrong with him.

Lee Vervoort – Boner Loner – When hard times hit….it’s time to split.

John Osborne “Kuffs” 
When Sargent Kuffs of the Hawaiian PD learns of an underground woman’s prison, he does all he can to infiltrate it and break those hot bodies out of there and get them back to their families. Enjoy all the action in this too hot to be locked up thriller!

Robert Dougherty – Over the Tops: Hawk faces a new challenge, a women’s prison where the inmates have taken over. Using their breasts as weapons, Hawk must meet the challenge to get Over the Tops

Sean Bowerman “Hard Time!” Staring the Italian Stallion in the role he was bred to play! With Traci Lords as his no-none sense Warden. You’ll be practically *arrested* when you see Sly slip between the scales of justice, to catch a her handcuffed against the dirty Philly PA penal system! With Wesley Snipes as “White Boyd,” and Estelle Getty as the mother who just won’t stop!

Facebook group member ErikKratz sent us this totally awesome updated Bad Dudes cover!

Just for the record…I would totally go see this movie!

But shouldn’t it be Bad DuDe?