“Do You Like My Tummy?”

So let me be honest . This was the first time I’ve ever seen Excess Baggage. Well let me rephrase that. This was the first time I sat down and actually watched 1997s Excess Baggage starring Alicia Silverstone, Christopher Walken and Benicio Del Toro.

For a brief time it was all over. This rectangular piece of cardboard staring at me in every video store . I never rented it obviously but it was always there. It moved around the store like a  child playing a game of hide and seek between the cloths in Caldor. First in the new releases , then across the various sub genres depending on your local rental offerings. Wether they be mom and pop or that big store that everyone says they miss but at the time hated for their watered down catalog of older films.

Excess Baggage was always on the back burner . The video game I never finished. The shirt someone got me for Christmas that I never wore. After all these years here it is again complete with 90s packaging compliments of Mill Creek Entertainment and their I love the 90s collection.

Finally sitting down and watching this brings me back to the 90s. I got to relive the mania that followed that Aerosmith girl. TotalCultZone on Instagram says this is “Silverstone during her give her all the money she can’t do wrong stage”. She was my mid-90s Crush, back when I was Clueless but these days I can always use a Blast From The Past. Let’s just forget Batman and Robin ever happened.

When it comes down to it Excess Baggage is too many things . It’s all in the tag line “a crash course in kidnaping, car thefts, and other rituals of dating”. A movie that chooses to be average at everything instead of doing one thing really well. You’ve got the tools just have no fucking idea how to build a house.

It’s not a bad movie. Just kinda average and that’s a real shame cause the cast is pretty good.  Del Toro was a interesting choice as a lead but doesn’t seem to fit. Most of the sexual tension just felt creepy. I’m pretty sure they had no idea how to use Walken. Like they just asked not thinking he’d say yes. All this amounts to three individual performances that feel like they belong in three separate movies. It should be noted this was the first film put out by Silverstone’s production company. 

For all the movie collectors out there it’s a nice package but anyone seeking features like commentary or even a trailer will be pretty disappointed. I apologize for ending on a negative but “I always see the potential for failure”.