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It’s a Retro Birthday Battle on this nostalgic episode! Showcasing our birthdays from 1984 and 1996!

It will be a Happy Birthday for one of our competitors this week. The other one well, not so much as we have another epic birthday duel! Drew Zakmin from the One Headlight 90s Podcast battles with his birthday in 1996 as he takes...

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It’s a Retro Showdown between November 1986 and November 1997!

Dueling Decades gets back to tag team action this week as The Mamalukes (Marc & The Mancrush) take the 90’s side for a change of pace and duel with November of 1997 against a team that may be new to our show but prove...

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There is No Easy Way Out for Special Guest Judge Robert Tepper! It’s all about Sports Movies 1981 vs 1993

This week Duelers, we have a very special show for you as rock legend Robert Tepper joins the show as a guest judge! Marc and The Mancrush battle once again over the championship. Marc James comes ready to fight with the Sports Movies of...

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When it comes down to history, which month was worse October 1987 or October 1999?

On this episode of our show, Jay Sandlin from the What Happens Next Podcast steps back into the ring. Dueling with the worst of October 1999 against the very worst of October 1987 and Brent Hand from the Hysteria 51 Podcast! Marc James...

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Bringing you some nostalgic memories in this! It’s October 1989 vs October 1998!

We get back to tag team action this week as the Mamalukes (Marc James and Mancrush) gear up with October of 1989 to take on the returning Beau Becraft and he has brought a new partner with him! Appearing for the first time...

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The 20 Most Iconic Moments in Celeb Nudity with Mr. Skin! Lots of 1980s & 1990s moves on his list!

On this episode of Dueling Decades the legendary Mr. Skin calls into the show to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of his iconic website and to unveil his list of The 20 Most Iconic Moments in Celeb Nudity!...

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Dueling Decades – June 1988 vs June 1998

It’s the return of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure game show, Dueling Decades – June 1988 vs June 1998!!!

This week we shuffle up the teams a bit and the result you will have to hear – to believe. This one was a battle for the ages, literally!…

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Dueling Decades – May 1985 vs May 1995

This week the Dueling Decades is back with a vengeance! This time the team of Steve & Izzy from Everything I Learned From Movies Podcast form the Team “Six Demon Bag” to take on the undisputed and undefeated team of Marc and The Mancrush – The…

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Dueling Decades – April 1987 vs April 1997

On this week’s program it’s Dueling Decades – April 1987 vs. April 1997! The undefeated Mamalukes (Rick Mancrush & Marc James) take on The Blue Barracudas made up of Carlos from The Be Kind and Rewind Podcast and new comer to the show Jimmy! What is..

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Dueling Decades – March 1989 vs March 1999

It’s time for a blast from the past on this week’s episode of The Poop Culture Podcast. On this very episode it’s the Dueling Decades III ! This time the Mamalukes comprised of Rick Mancrush & Marc James put their undefeated record to the test! Up…

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Dueling Decades – Feb 1986 vs Feb 1996

It’s that time of the month, Fellow Poopers! Time to go back to the 1990’s Cyber Cafe for totally awesome Dueling Decades! Featuring special guest for this episode, Carlos from the Be Kind and Rewind Podcast! Carlos will be teaming up with Shawbag6 to..

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Dueling Decades – Jan 1984 vs Jan 1994

This week the Poop Culture crew put it all on the line in their new segment – Dueling Decades! Beau Becraft from the Beaucephus Broadcast joins us once again for another asstastic episode and joins up with Shawbag6 to take on the team of Marc and The…

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