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“Do You Like My Tummy?”

So let me be honest . This was the first time I’ve ever seen Excess Baggage. Well let me rephrase that. This was the first time I sat down and actually watched 1997s Excess Baggage starring Alicia Silverstone, Christopher Walken and Benicio Del Toro. For a brief time it was all over. This rectangular piece […]

There Was No VCR

So it’s finally happening. I knew it would eventually. Fuck, we all did. We all knew we couldn’t run from it, couldn’t stop it no matter how hard we tried. The signs were there, overtime you just see less and less of those old familiars. Fuck it, just live like Sinatra with the time you’ve […]

Follow That Crumb

If you were fortunate enough to grow up in the 1980’s and 90’s then you remember the sigh of relief when your movie opened with a Pegasus and Tri-Star Pictures. It was a seal of quality, you knew it wasn’t Oscar worthy but there was a 75% chance you wouldnt completly hate it. Tri-Star was […]